Is This Eugenics?

The “is this eugenics?” argument reminds me of the “is this racism?” argument. One argument people use to justify not calling things racist goes like this. We should reserve the term “racist” for only the most egregious examples. It should not be hurled in the face of mere prejudice or a casual off-color joke. It … [Read more…]

Why I want to get married again

When people whether or not I’m happy I always find it difficult to answer the question. Compared to what? In 2011 career advice blogger Penelope Trunk wrote, “The culmination of my four-year obsession with happiness research is that I think people need to choose between an interesting life or happy life.” The post is a … [Read more…]

Let’s try this again!

Sorry about the weirdness yesterday with the password-protected post. I had written it, published it, decided it shouldn’t be public, but wanted one person to read it, and forgot about the whole “Mailchimp sends out whatever I publish” thing. So here we are. I alluded to personal changes in my follow-up email. I suppose now … [Read more…]

The things I did wrong

This will be an incomplete list. Because putting words to things is powerful. And because my memory is shit. My tendency when things go wrong is generally ego-protection. I carefully consider, dwell upon, all the things other people did wrong to get me where I am. On the other side is self-flagellation. Neither is helpful. … [Read more…]

I sobbed on my bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle while a middle-aged black woman judged the hell out of me

Happy Monday my babies. I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Over the weekend FEE published my piece What’s Best for Women? Property Rights, Innovation, and Economic Growth. Also, ICYMI, here’s How to Repeal and Replace Obamacare. Scott Winship explores why fewer adults will surpass their parents’ incomes. A new study shows that barely 2 in … [Read more…]

This interview of Deirdre McCloskey is definitely worth your time

Hey, cool, I’m in Newsweek! Great links from Slate Star Codex today, including an Atlantic article asking whether there is a connection between gender diversity and autism. Also this interview of Deirdre McCloskey is definitely worth your time. Monica Straniero: You say economists such as Thomas Piketty and politicians such as Bernie Sanders have been … [Read more…]