Another Academic Blow for Biological Sex, Amnesty vs Celebrities on Human Trafficking, Latest Backpage Win for Free Speech: Sex-Positive Links

“Richardson suggests that our very attempts to characterize the biological details of the genetics of sex are deeply gendered, no matter what newfangled technologies we are using… In case after case, and chapter after chapter, Richardson adeptly teases out how traditional gendered assumptions have fundamentally affected chromosome research.” Gendering Chromosomes, LA Review of Books “This … [Read more…]

Top Takeaways from BlogHer15


This weekend I attended my first BlogHer conference in beautiful Midtown Manhattan. Shout out to Cherylyn Harley LeBon for making it possible for me to be a part of things. Instead of taking notes, I live-tweeted my sessions so everyone could benefit from what I was learning. #imagiver Here are my tweets and retweets from … [Read more…]

Don’t Start a Blog

People tell me pretty regularly that they’re thinking about starting a blog. This is my advice: Don’t. There are a lot of good reasons to write regularly. It helps you organize your thoughts. It helps establish your expertise on a topic. It helps connect you to new people in your area of interest. There are … [Read more…]

A Follow-up to the Divorce Post


Thinking about the mixed, and strong, reactions to my post about my divorce. Any time I’m surprised by people’s reactions to something I’ve written, I know I’ve failed as a writer. I tend to write about controversial topics, especially topics I haven’t made my mind up on. And the way I think about things tends … [Read more…]

Getting Divorced Saved My Marriage


For Ravishly’s latest conversation, on marriage: Modern Marriage Wedding season is here, and while we’re digging out those garden-party dresses, we’re also reflecting upon the ancient institution of marriage and its place in modern society. Though pundits across the Internet endlessly speculate that marriage is falling out of fashion, it’s a tradition that still holds … [Read more…]