3 Things I Get Now That I’m 30


I saw a series of tweets I loved this morning. When you got dem wrinkles so you start trying to flex ya angles ??? pic.twitter.com/YhiWJMvARN — Folks P. Oppingoff (@FeministaJones) November 20, 2015 #TeamCrowsFeet #TeamLaughLines #TeamWaywardMoles #TeamMature #TeamWomanOfACertainAge — Folks P. Oppingoff (@FeministaJones) November 20, 2015 Lemme tell ya I think I look better with … [Read more…]

You Misspelled “Liberal Democracy” As “Judeo-Christian Values”


GOP presidential nominee seeker John Kasich wants to add a new federal agency to promote “Judeo-Christian Western values.” Alright, so let’s go through what’s wrong with this. New federal agency: Nope Promote (since government “promotes” at gunpoint): No Judeo-Christian values: Free Myesha fast A video posted by Snapchat @youngbusco87 (@youngbusco) on Jun 14, 2015 at … [Read more…]

I Am Not a Cool Girl


I’m crying over a boy. Others have written better than I could about the “cool girl” expectation/persona (see Gone Girl). But sum it up to say, on the cool girl continuum, crying over a boy is about as far away as you can get. Sometimes I’m mistaken for a cool girl. I’m poly. I’m sex-positive. … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Is Going to Disrupt Content Before It Disrupts Currency

I was excited about bitcoin because I saw its potential to disrupt currencies and payments. Now I’m excited because I predict a vital role for blockchain technology in disrupting content distribution. Centralization is a problem with currency and content. It both causes and results from high startup costs. It breeds inefficiency and corruption. I saw … [Read more…]

Everyone’s Shouting Their Life Choices and I’m Over Here Like, You Do You

I’ve been watching the #ShoutYourAbortion thing and I think it’s cool. What I like about it is also that these women aren’t claiming, for the most part, that abortion is good or bad. They’re not saying it’s the right choice for other women. They’re saying they don’t regret theirs. I think generally people shouldn’t be … [Read more…]