Western civilization is liberalism, not tribalism. And Western civilization is worth saving.

What is Western Civilization? “The rise of the alt-right represents the beginning of a war within Western civilization between those who believe in modern liberal democracy—free markets, free trade, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of speech—and those who don’t.” John Aziz argues (hat tip @Noahpinion) that Western civilization IS liberal democracy. That is, … [Read more…]

Friday! Links!

Lunchtime in school was always so stressful for me. Sitting alone in public at school was the worst. Right behind being told to sit elsewhere. I love that this app aims to take the stress out of finding a welcoming table. Read this review of ‘Blood at the Root,’ a Tale of Racial Cleansing Close … [Read more…]

Here’s my thing though.

It pains me that my last newsletter, A few good links about the alt-right, did not include the greatest summary of it yet. One more alt-right link for you. This op-ed reads like a smart person read this study and decided to write about American white nationalism by taking the perspective of one of the … [Read more…]

A few good links about the alt-right

“The Alt-Right claims to be a trendy new generation of conservatism, pushing boundaries and buttons in response to political correctness and liberal oversensitivity. Really, it’s a hipster rebranding of white supremacy, misogyny and bigotry for the digital era. We may want to believe it’s just the Internet, just the usual harmless roar of haters and … [Read more…]

Questions and doubts

I miss Jesus. Those sandals. Those funny stories he’d tell that don’t make any damn sense. It’s not like we were ever super close, necessarily. I remember praying every night in middle school. It was nice to have a man let me talk as long as I wanted to but the fact that he never … [Read more…]