Privacy Lessons From Ashley Madison

Got invited to appear on HuffPo Live to discuss the arguments in my Medium post on the topic: Ashley Madison: Internet Privacy is a Farce and That’s a Good Thing. Here’s the segment. We ended up talking about cybersecurity regulations, which was great but I wish I’d had more time to argue against them. But … [Read more…]

I’m A Sex Addict

[Updated] What does it mean when one of the people you have sex with, apropos of nothing, suggests you write about your battle with sex addiction? Okay, yes, I have a sex blog. I’ve definitely exceeded the average number of sexual partners. Going a week without a fix is an anomaly. But I don’t think I’m … [Read more…]

Don’t Quit, Get Fired


This is what keeps employers up at night. Instead of quitting nicely, an employee stops working but keeps taking a paycheck. The company is paying them and getting nothing in return until someone notices they’re not producing. Then, the work for the company begins. Weigh whether they can be rehabilitated profitably, come up with lawsuit-proof … [Read more…]

Another Academic Blow for Biological Sex, Amnesty vs Celebrities on Human Trafficking, Latest Backpage Win for Free Speech: Sex-Positive Links

“Richardson suggests that our very attempts to characterize the biological details of the genetics of sex are deeply gendered, no matter what newfangled technologies we are using… In case after case, and chapter after chapter, Richardson adeptly teases out how traditional gendered assumptions have fundamentally affected chromosome research.” Gendering Chromosomes, LA Review of Books “This … [Read more…]

Taylor Swift and the Case of the Zero-Sum Feminist

In Taylor Swift is Not Your Friend Dayna Evans is unimpressed with Taylor Swift’s feminism. At the heart of the problem with many a feminist critique of successful women is a fundamental misconception of success. These pieces assume success is zero-sum. Which is, of course, absurd. My blog subscribers don’t dwindle when Taylor Swift gets another Number … [Read more…]