Comparing two worldviews which are contradictory but both very true

  I want to compare two worldviews which are contradictory but both very true. On the one hand, you have Jeffrey Tucker describing life in Atlanta, GA. “The vast gulf that separates politics from real life seems to be growing.” He contrast’s Trump’s vision of the US, full of “violence, injustice, discrimination, pillaging, isolation, deceit, … [Read more…]

Women do hate women

EAT, PAY, LOVE: A new app lets women charge for a night out. Will dating join the on-demand economy? Suffice to say, Poppenreiter comes from a different school of thought than many of her fellow female founders. “I always say, I’m a woman, and I’m a woman in tech. And I don’t want to dress like … [Read more…]

In truth their principles are hate, discrimination, and harassment.

I generally shy away from, “Well if you *really* cared about X, you would have complained about Y,” argumentation. Generally all it betrays is that the person speaking hasn’t been listening to the people they are vilifying. Perfect example: When MRAs claim feminists don’t care about men because they haven’t been speaking up about so-called … [Read more…]

I love a good takedown

I wrote another thing for FEE: “Technology isn’t just a distraction from what matters. It’s also a solution for what isolates.” Runner gives the biggest middle finger to the man who insulted her ‘saggy’ boobs. New GOP platform calls porn “a public health crisis” and encourages states to regulate it. “Actually harmful to children: government-supressed … [Read more…]

Let’s talk about harassment for a second

When you Google my name, in the search results on the first page are things written about me by my harassers. Nasty things, written by nasty people. I’ve been the victim of online harassment. I’ve had both months-long, targeted, coordinated campaigns of harassment and individuals who have written obsessively about me for years. I’m also regularly … [Read more…]