How Beyonce’s Sweatshop Labor Is “Inspiring and Supporting Women”

“Any critique of Beyoncé must be accompanied by a critique of the capitalist system of exploitation and wage slavery,” @communickthey tweeted Tuesday. If so, must the opposite be true? Must any defense of Beyoncé be accompanied by a defense of the capitalist system of exploitation and wage slavery? Either way, this defense of Beyoncé will … [Read more…]

My new favorite show

I’m now caught up on Catastrophe, on Amazon Prime. NY Times: “One of its creators, Sharon Horgan, is a veteran sitcom writer and star who could be fairly called the Tina Fey of British TV, in stature if not style. The other, Rob Delaney, is an American comedian best known for having more than a … [Read more…]

My babies, I was full of sass today.

My babies, I was full of sass today. I’m trying to remember that the libertarians mansplaining politics to me in response to my lighthearted, self-mocking post about liking Aaron Sorkin are socially inept and that’s a rough thing to deal with and so they deserve my empathy. But it’s just hard when my partner jokes … [Read more…]

I also had tacos

Guys, it’s Sunday night. I think my partner got rid of the virus on my site but I’m not 100% sure I can access it from work so to ensure I get you guys a newsletter, I’m writing this the night before it goes out. Which means I’ll miss the morning stories but you’re not … [Read more…]

Hello from Austin

Last night I had a mixed drink with kombucha. Today we’re plotting to take over the business technology content marketing world. “If you don’t want a corporation to buy your government, don’t give your government anything to sell them.” -@mod_libertarian Love you all.

Let’s talk about publishing.

Let’s talk about publishing. I define publisher as an entity whose only value proposition to users is content and only or main monetization model is display ads. The New York Times is a publisher. Facebook is not, because it offers value to users far beyond content. And it offers value to advertisers far beyond display … [Read more…]