Politics is how we decide whom to fuck and how hard

Continuing on in the vein of identity politics, last night I went to a meet-and-greet for Rebekah Bydlak. She’s running for Congress to represent her section of Florida. I like Rebekah personally. She’s a nice person, and seems committed to reducing spending. However, she’s pro-life. And I don’t mean “personally against abortion but realizes the … [Read more…]

How identity politics lays bare the utter hypocrisy of the right

Since we’re still talking about identity politics, the latest (I believe) is Milo’s appeal has nothing to do with “White identity politics”. I’m surprised the piece claims that “the popularity of Milo’s trolling has nothing to do identity politics” and then offers no supporting evidence for the claim at all. Countering liberal “PC culture” is … [Read more…]

Police officers sucking

How Oklahoma police took $53,000 from a Burmese Christian band, a church in Omaha and an orphanage in Thailand “I just couldn’t believe it,” Eh Wah said in an interview. “An officer was telling me that ‘you are going to jail tonight.’ And I don’t know what to think. What did I do that would … [Read more…]

The only way to separate what you want from what you’ve been told to want is to get it.

I did things in reverse. I’m reading Penelope Trunk’s Trust yourself in your twenties: you know more than you think. I spent my 20’s acting like I was 40. College was chill. I didn’t drink much, do any drugs, or hook up. I met my future husband first semester freshman year. I married him immediately after … [Read more…]

I like ’em thick

Realized I wore my “Vote libertarian” hat with my bacon shirt to the office today. Channeling Ron Swanson pretty hard. “For no man should take me alive.” Well I’ve got my next libertarian tattoo lined up. 4 Ways Harriet Tubman Totally Kicked Ass From a Libertarian POV, by @nickgillespie, via @robbysoave. My bitch Liv’s research … [Read more…]

Drugs are powerful

Happy 4/20! Drugs are powerful. Cannabis has tons of medicinal benefits and we are discovering more every day. LSD makes entirely new connections in your brain. Mushrooms help alleviate anxiety about death in terminally ill patients and have been shown to create lasting improvements in personality and outlook. MDMA helps people with PTSD thrive. Drugs … [Read more…]

It just galls me when people pop up to gaslight victims

#WhenIWas is trending to raise awareness of early experiences of sexism, harassment & assault. According to @EverydaySexism 12,000 people have shared their stories so far. Here’s mine: My first boss told my co-worker he’d only hired us because we were “hot.” It was OfficeMax. I experience very, very little sexism or harassment. At least not … [Read more…]