Everyone’s Shouting Their Life Choices and I’m Over Here Like, You Do You

I’ve been watching the #ShoutYourAbortion thing and I think it’s cool. What I like about it is also that these women aren’t claiming, for the most part, that abortion is good or bad. They’re not saying it’s the right choice for other women. They’re saying they don’t regret theirs. I think generally people shouldn’t be … [Read more…]

Groups to Follow for Tech, Science and Telecommunications Policy

A woman on a listserv I’m on just got a new job covering tech, science and telecommunications policy for a magazine. She’ll be covering policy issues including net neutrality, Internet governance, patents, copyright, and cybersecurity. She’s building a diverse source list for covering these issues and asked us what groups we follow and which experts we think she … [Read more…]

You Can Fly Around the World and You’ll Still Be Boring

There’s nothing like travel to make a privileged person who’s never struggled feel like they’ve *had experiences* and *lived authentically.*I’m not the first person to mine this terrain for comedy gold. Oh my God do I not care about the fact that your physical person has been places mine hasn’t. How wonderful for you. You’re still … [Read more…]