Who doesn’t hate themselves in direct proportion to how much space they currently take up?

Let’s talk about thin priv for a sec. Let’s talk about this episode of This American Life. Let’s talk about how, especially for women, but to a certain extent for men as well, body size has a linear relationship with every single aspect of life. And the relationship is, as body size increases, quality decreases. Job … [Read more…]

Ban white people

I wrote a thing for work I’m proud of. Can This Startup Disrupt the Law Firm Mommy Track? “Disruption” is an overused term, too often employed to dramaticize slightly faster-than-normal incremental change. It’s meant to describe something much more specific, and rare. Disruption is change so abrupt and dramatic that it forces entrenched players to … [Read more…]

If Evelyn came to me in a dream it would be to remind me to catch up on Bob’s Burgers and never settle for shitty weed.

Guys, ever since that Celine Dion post I can’t stop listening to this. What are some big things that you’ve learned from your relationships that maybe monogamous people wouldn’t know? I think a lot of people think they have to be unhappy. It sounds like a weird thing to say, but I have so many … [Read more…]

Is our position too weak to withstand scrutiny in light of reality?

Paul Crider killed it. “A liberal feminist can recognize the magnitude of male supremacy and acknowledge the weaknesses of liberal theory, but conclude that the tenets of liberalism discussed above are too valuable to discard and that their sacrifice will be unlikely to advance the cause of justice anyway.” SIMILARLY, a classical liberal can recognize … [Read more…]