SB233 and sex trafficking hysteria

This morning I got to talk about SB233 for BuzzFeed News. (My interview starts at 50:50.) Really appreciate the coverage of this important law. Also appreciated the opportunity to discuss sex trafficking hysteria. “There’s just not a lot of evidence that this highly carceral approach is working.”

Making meaning

In my first session with Dr. Erika, we talked a lot more about meaning than I expected. She detailed her four quadrants and how they relate to each other: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. She asked if I had any thoughts or reactions. The spiritual part inspired a feeling which I cannot describe. Sharp, teary, … [Read more…]

Hyperlocal control is unlikely to be better than local control

Hoo buddy I have *thoughts* on street-by-street zoning. A new paper from John Myers, Co-founder, London YIMBY touts “polycentric, bottom-up regulation of land use.” Who wouldn’t like that?  But as I pointed out recently, since local control sounds great in theory, but ends up being terrible in practice it stands to reason that hyperlocal control … [Read more…]

It’s okay to abridge property rights for single-family zoning?

In this interesting Atlantic piece, Greg Shill points out several of the ways city, state, and federal law encourage driving and punish not driving. These include “Land-use law, criminal law, torts, insurance, vehicle safety regulations, even the tax code,” Shill writes. “All these sources of law provide rewards to cooperate with what has become the … [Read more…]

Thiel, ethnic cleansing, sex work legislation, zoning, and fertility

“From foil blankets to cloud-computing storage and the face masks worn by agents to stifle the stench of unbathed people overcrowded in cages for 40 days, American companies are getting into the business of migration management.” Read this unflinching look at how companies like Palantir are making huge dollars off of ethnic cleansing. My one … [Read more…]

On the scourge of parking minimums

I used to assume that most people naturally prefer cars because they’re necessarily faster and easier than other forms of transit. As it turns out, governments encourage driving over other forms of transit in all sorts of ways. One way in particular is parking minimums. Starting in the 1950’s, cities created parking minimums to compete … [Read more…]

Local control sounds great in theory

The New York Times Editorial Board has another fire piece about how four candidates for Dem nominee have national housing plans, speaking to the urgent need to do something about the fact that rents across the US are rising as wages stay flat, increasing the number of households that are rent burdened. One Democratic pollster … [Read more…]

We been knew

I’m generally of the opinion that everything comes out in the wash. What you want to stay hidden probably won’t, so it’s generally a better plan to just own what you do and only do what you’re ready to own publicly. The exception is the government, which I want to know nothing about me ever. … [Read more…]