This SJW stuff has all been an elaborate troll. I’m ready to tell the truth.

My babies, it’s been a good run with this whole market-friendly SJW, sex-positive feminist, market anarchy thing. I’ve loved having literally everyone hate me, from radfems to paleoconservatives. But it’s time to come clean.

This has all been an elaborate troll.

From sign waving for the Ron Paul Revolution in 2011 to The Libertarienne Show, where I tried to make libertarian ideas palatable to less-bigoted young people, especially women, to my bitcoin phase, where I tried to preach the gospel of crypto to promote mass adoption so we can all escape fiat currency, to Sex, Tech, and Pop Culture Daily, where I have been trying to surface the links I love to bring people on the same page as me, the reality is that all along I’ve been building an audience that would never listen to me if I’d been real about my goal from the start.

The thing is, try as I might to posture, at the end of the day I’m still a semi-attractive, semi-young white girl who grew up lower-middle-class in a place where overt racism and hostility to empirical analysis was more common than advanced degrees. I have very little formal education and a shallow understanding of political theory and ethics. And as such, there’s only one place where I’m really at home.

Today I am ready to reveal that I am a member of the alt-right.

Yes, I am ready to admit that I blame feminists for the fact that alt-right men are using their ample free time to SWAT feminists who make YouTube videos. Obviously without women’s liberation they’d be working to provide for a family instead. It’s lying feminists who want you to believe gendered expectations coupled with a broken education system and the superfluity of manual labor are what is causing low-education men to lose status. A girl did that to you, my sweet little angry man baby. And I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault, it’s hers. The one with the education and good job. It’s all of their fault.

I am also ready to come out and admit that I believe in human biodiversity. It’s not that race is a construct with extremely scant empirical biological evidence to support it, despite nearly all of empirical science being run up until now by white men, most of whom were working very hard to find evidence to support the theory that non-white people are biologically inferior. No, IQ tests are totally immune from such bias in their configuration and prove that black people are dumber than white people. Further, it is the inherent stupidity of black people, not centuries of race-based subjugation at every level, that explains why black families experience greater rates of poverty than white families on average.

In the past I’ve claimed that I support open borders as part of my anarchism and anti-bigotry. This was a lie. In fact I believe that middle American culture must be protected from foreign invaders. I cannot stand by as Cracker Barrels are razed to make room for falafel stands. I can’t see my Walmarts replaced with open-air farmers markets. FUCK if I’m going to allow immigrants in who might watch the Carmichael Show instead of the Big Bang Theory. Guys this is serious. I was raised to believe that God ordained my highest calling as a woman to be my role as wife and mother. I was taught that the most important thing about me to a man is the delicate flower between my legs. I cannot stand by as wave after wave of immigrants come into my country and say the exact same thing about their women, even claiming it’s for the same God, but with some very important distinctions that I’m not super familiar with but scare me very much. Also there’s a veil involved sometimes. These people should be teaching girls that their bodies are shameful and capable of male mind control by forcing their little girls to wear one-piece bathing suits in the pool like my God intended.

I’m sorry to have lied to you for so long. It’s been exhausting hiding my true self from you. But now I can be honest, and it’s so refreshing.

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