The tech bros responded!

Since we last spoke, I published Housing More People Doesn’t Cause Displacement and Tech Bros Who Want To Save America Should Start Here. My latest is Tell Me What I Should Tell Mark Pincus to Put On His Billboard. And I hope you do! As y’all might know, I’m a big fan of school choice. … [Read more…]

New writing, new rant

Heyo. I published two new things since we last spoke. Calling In SF’s Out-of-Touch Homeowners 5 Reforms That Could Save Puerto Rico’s Economy I also had some thoughts I want to share. Last night I read The Strange, Sad Case Of Laci Green?—?Feminist Hero Turned Anti-Feminist Defender. Now, I don’t have strong feelings on Laci Green. … [Read more…]

Liberalism doesn’t require good people

I’m going to say something that’s going to blow your mind. People are terrible. Specifically, people are racist, closed-minded, irrational, petty, superstitious, and risk-averse. Scott Alexander recently wrote, “You can’t liberalism with people who refuse reason and are motivated by hatred.” Au contraire, mon frère. Those are in fact the only people you can liberalism … [Read more…]

Dolores Hosts a Topless Picnic

On Sunday afternoon, an assortment of San Franciscans doffed their tops for Casual Tits in Dolores Park. Host Leela Hann-Soden got the idea for a day in the park with our tits out while reading San Francisco’s nudity laws, an issue that has its own Wikipedia page. I searched for Social Nudity in Huntsville, Alabama … [Read more…]


I’m back to my old tricks, my babies. That’s right. I’ve got a column, though this time it’s in a local rag, the Bay City Beacon. Here’s my bio: “Cathy Reisenwitz writes about software for a living, sex on the side, and policy for fun. Her column ‘Unintended Consequences’ appears regularly in the Bay City … [Read more…]

I suck at blogging

Hello my babies. SF has caused me to think a lot about who I want to be when I grow up this year. Which has resulted in a lot of writing for local site Broke-Ass Stuart: What Have We Learned 25 Years After LA Rioted Over Rodney King? Exploring the Kink in S-Town 4 Ways The … [Read more…]