Ban white people

I wrote a thing for work I’m proud of.

Can This Startup Disrupt the Law Firm Mommy Track?

“Disruption” is an overused term, too often employed to dramaticize slightly faster-than-normal incremental change.

It’s meant to describe something much more specific, and rare. Disruption is change so abrupt and dramatic that it forces entrenched players to either make equally abrupt and dramatic changes to the way they do business or accept certain death. A startup isn’t disruptive until it forces an the entire industry to take risks that were previously unfathomable just to keep its customers. Disruption means business-as-usual is over.

Uber disrupted the taxi cab industry. Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry.

Aggregate Law wants to disrupt the legal industry.

Private prisons are woefully understaffed. Saved you a click, though the story is well-reported.

81% of Trump supporters say discrimination against whites has become as bad as against other groups. Here’s the thing, ban white people.

Here’s the other thing. I’m no fan of affirmative action, but fuck #BeckyWithTheBadGrades. Plz remember: 1. College isn’t life. 2. White people are not oppressed.

If magazines interest you, this is a good read.


  1. Ripken

    This whole blog is just confirming to the misinformation that’s widely spread especially in Canada. The author needs to check out Milo Yiannopoulis, a British gay man who speaks out against all this feminism.

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