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  1. Alfred Jordan

    Are you reinventing yourself after introspection?

    What events, series of events moved your thinking back to the God concept? Is there God? Does it matter?

    You say that you love Jesus. Jesus is a philosopher. Is Jesus God? Is he the Son of God? Does it matter? You seem to take solace in Jesus or at least that is your contemplation.
    If you want to tell yourself Jesus is Lord and then go out to spread the word, so be it. Does the belief give you peace?

    Does your belief in Jesus make what he is supposed to have said true? Are the miracles true? Do physical events trump a belief system?

    In the body of your text, you begin to ponder personal judgment and judgment by others about sex and other things. Who have you hurt? Did you hurt yourself?

    Whom will you marry? Who is your life partner? Will you have children or will you adopt? Will you stay with one partner for the rest of your life?

    You say that you left a husband. Most all of us leave a husband or wife. We may have many lovers. We might even remarry. Some of us keep lovers irrespective of the marital estate. Some of us are open about how we conduct themselves within the marital estate. There is always temptation, some of which is over powering. There will always be secrets, not to deceive but to have experiences that belong to you.

    Most all of us step away from religion and try rediscovery. For most of us, the reasons to step away from any religion remain the same.

    Some people are able for a time to deny the emptiness in their lives whether they drink the conflicting cool-aid that is belief in Jesus (all that that entails – depending who is teaching Jesus’ word) or not do not matter.

    In the end, you will always have these kinds of questions for the rest of your life. At least that has been my experience.
    You may decide that the questions you have should remain open forever. There is no ultimate certainty, resolution in any decision you make.

    It is always helpful to discuss the questions.

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