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  1. Chris Brookover

    Great post, and of course 100 correct. I personally don’t believe the GOP can overcome its own hypocrisy. Most republicans I have spoken with post-election refuse to admit that their social policies alienate a large percentage of voters, and that “limited government” should not include government control over a woman’s uterus. Even if they cannot come to grips with the fact that a woman’s right to her body is absolute, perhaps they should acknowledge that women did make up 51% of the voters in Virginia last year.
    The Republican party has won the popular vote in a presidential election once since 1992 (in 2004), and this trend will no doubt continue until the GOP has completely lost all relevance in national elections. In order to reverse this, republicans will have to do something they still have not done yet: identify the problem. Until then, it makes for great comedy watching them blame the media and third party candidates for their dismal failures. Talk about personal accountability? That would nice for a change.

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