Why I’m Blogging Full-Time Now

My last day at Reason magazine was Wednesday. I remember writing about my decision to go work for them over a year ago:

I’m about to begin a new chapter in life. I’m moving from Birmingham, Alabama to Arlington, Virginia. I’m leaving my SEO Specialist job at EBSCO Industries to become the new Digital Publishing Specialist for Reason Magazine in Washington, D.C. I’m going to work for my favorite libertarian think tank in a huge, bustling city far from my southern home, where vehicles are optional but scarves and hats are mandatory much of the year.

I was also dorky a year ago.

I was also dorky a year ago.

I never drive, and have about 6 new scarves. And despite the fears addressed in the post, moving to D.C. with the love of my life and working at Reason are the best decisions I ever made.

But KAP was a one-year program, and what I have to offer Reason isn’t what they need right now. All along I’ve been working on side projects to promote freedom. I’ve been blogging at Anarcho-capitalism blog since 2009. Sean and I started The Libertarienne Show. I spoke at ISFLC. I was writing for Doublethink magazine and Thoughts on Liberty.

I need to write and speak about liberty. I’ve always needed to write and speak about my passions. Hell, I was first published, for poetry, in middle school. The only awards I ever won were for poetry and public speaking. I’ve always been a prolific journaler, and had online diaries before blogging entered the general lexicon.

I studied journalism but got into marketing because I couldn’t feign objectivity and there were no jobs and no money in journalism. And marketing absolutely fascinates me. Not the mechanics so much, but the psychology behind why people do what they do and how to influence that decision-making process. But I’ve always loved to write. And I’ve long dreamed of a gig where I could read, write and speak for a living. So even though the immediate money is in marketing, I’m marrying the poor man who I’m desperately in love with.

And I’m going to use what I’ve learned and continue to learn about marketing to promote my content. I’m going to keep those valuable skills sharp by honing them to sell markets. 

Once again, I’m scared. I don’t know how I’m going to monetize my content. I don’t know if the market I think exists actually does, or if I’ll be able to meet the demand. But I absolutely must know. I can’t wonder if I could have done it. I can’t do what animates me on the side anymore. So here goes. Once again, wish me luck.


  1. York Luethje

    Godspeed and good luck! You’re obviously much braver than I am.

    Didn’t know you were from Alabama. 1988 in Jasper was one of the weirdest and best years in my life.

  2. Jason Hartgrave

    I just discovered your writing, but you have a plethora of options to make money with your audience and talent. I have access to a few new technologies you may be interested in promoting.

  3. Mickie Repecka

    Make a Youtube page and start making videos too (monetize it). You will capture a sector that doesn’t necessarily *read* all that much. Unfortunately that seems to be more and more of the population these days. Those folks must hear our side of the the story of liberty, along with the comedy central and right-wing media version.

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