Who is more sex-obsessed, liberals or conservatives?

So this happened at the Thoughts on Liberty blog, where I’m a contributor: This is How Many Shits I Give About Converting Conservatives to Libertarians


I will not direct TOL’s writers to stop talking about sex or relationships. These are completely natural and wholesome parts of human existence, and they are things that the state interferes in. It is completely legitimate for libertarians to discuss them. In fact, they do not discuss them enough. State interference in these realms has some of the most direct impact on people’s lives, an impact that they feel and understand beyond a few pennies a year being taken out of their paychecks. These subjects are perfect topics through which we can introduce others to the freedom philosophy.


And then, this happened: SEX! SEX! SEX!


A few female libertarians have become obnoxiously obsessed with writing about their sex lives.  These women feel the need to share it all, bragging about their personal sex lives to the entire internet. Then, they try to pass off descriptions of their indiscretions as libertarian commentary, rather than attempts at becoming the new erotic writer for Cosmopolitan.

If you didn’t gather, I’m one of those few female libertarians. So, I just love that TOL is big enough to have garned our own take-down piece. Please, please read the comments, where this strawmanning yahoo gets taken down by her own readers for a really shittily written piece.

And then. lastly, (so far), this happened, written by one of TOL’s writers: THE PERSONAL IS THE POLITICAL: MY THOUGHTS ON LIBERTY AND SEX


So yes, talking about casual sex, polygamy, and sex work are our thoughts on liberty, because liberty is about removing government from the personal. No one complains that people talk too much about school choice or marriage equality or what food we can eat, but for some reason people feel so uncomfortable when women talk about sex in the context of liberty. Cultural acceptance is liberty because one person doesn’t know what’s best for another.


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  1. “Who is more sex-obsessed? Liberals or Conservatives?

    Well, I’d ask the person who’s blog is titled “Sex and the State”, with the tagline “This is what I like to think about.”

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