Watch Me Relate Josh Martinez to Internet Marketing

The first rule of  blogging is pick a topic and stick with it. Mine is SEO and internet marketing, a fact I’ve certainly tried to make clear (see title tag, description, tagline, etc.).

But then I want to write about something else, so I write a tortured blog post about what I want to write about, only with a forced and contrived connection to the topic of the blog. See Penelope Trunk.

Josh Martinez is a pseudo-Hispanic Canadian Jewish hip-hop artist who I found through his brother’s blog. I think I found his brother’s blog (love, love, love — reminds me of the good old days of diaryland) while reading something on Salon, which I probably got to via a news aggregator blog like Double X. Here’s my favorite Josh Martinez song/video so far.

Here’s the tortured relate-back to internet marketing. Time was when you heard about new music from the radio and friends. Then it was MTV and friends. But now you can find new music by reading a blog about a depressed guy’s fight for mental health. But see, I’m now invested in the career of Josh Martinez, because I care about his brother.

If music execs could quit fighting via the courts to return to the days of radio monopoly and compact disks they could open up their eyes to the crazy goodness of internet marketing they’d be a lot richer and happier.

And that’s how it is with most industries right now. They’re fighting for shelf space in Wal-Mart while their quicker, younger competitors are raking in the dollars using social media to make connections with customers without the expensive brick-and-mortar go-between.

So listen to Josh Martinez, read his brother’s blog, and realize that the internet isn’t killing your profits if you embrace what it can offer you — cost savings, greater efficiency and that thing marketing has always tried to accomplish: an emotional connection to customers.

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