I want to alert you to the best thing on the internet right now

I want to alert you to the best thing on the internet right now. Because I love you and I appreciate you.

Following this individual on Insta has been one of the best decision of my month.

Real-life conversation:

Her: It has to be satisfying to have people listen to you.

Me: I was going to say it’s better than sex but having someone listen to me is also one of the best parts of sex so

This was also good:

“Men who are intimidated by smart women make terrible boyfriends. Disregard them & focus on the guys who can’t believe their luck.” -@hhavrilesky

Real misandry is describing the character flaws of some men as character traits held by all men. Are some men intimidated by smart women? Clearly. Is this more common in men than women? Of course. Regressive gendered expectations encourage it. Sexism encourages it. If I think women are dumber than men on average (which has been demonstrated to be untrue even using tools to measure intelligence developed by men) than how dumb must I be if I meet a woman who is smarter than me? But I do think most men respect and admire and want to be around intelligent women. I also think it’s more complicated than that. Men and women alike punish women for demonstrating their competence. But that doesn’t make being intimidated by smart women a masculine trait.

All men aren’t Trump.

I really shouldn’t talk about. I shouldn’t. I CAN’T. But really folks, I can’t. Ok? Ok.

It’s a fight club.



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