Videos for SEO – Every business has easy video opportunities

When I tell clients to create videos for SEO winnings galore, they must not believe me, think getting a video recorded is going to be a big undertaking or believe that they don’t have anything to film. All three assumptions are dead wrong.

Every business has something to film. Maybe you wouldn’t think a business such as, say, a clothing store would have anything YouTube worthy. Check this guy out:

He’s awesome, no? I found this video embedded in a post about travel tips on a career blog. Notice the awesome production, equipment and lighting? Nope. This video is literally a guy showing you some very useful stuff he’s learned in his many years in his business. That’s seriously all you need. If you have a business, you have something to sell. And if people want to buy it, chances are they’re interested in learning more about some part of it.

This video ranks number one in Google for the phrase “how to fold a suit.” Google’s keyword tool tells me that that phrase is searched 2,900 times per month. I’m assuming the people querying the phrase are the people this guy wants to be in front of: men who like to dress well and look good. Beyond the rankings, I’m sure if this video showed the guy’s store’s URL in the description, he’d have gotten way more than 2,900 visits from video views.

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