1. Andrea Castillo

    “Unlike many “free-market” organizations, whose leadership ignore and exclude women and turn a blind eye when their membership is openly hostile…”

    Name names. Who in the libertarian movement has done this?

  2. Seth MacLeod

    Lots of good stuff in there. I liked your explanation of certain feminist jargon, as you were able to translate it (such as privilege) in a very accessible way. That’s one of the main problems I see that feminists tend to have, that they are used to certain jargon and expect people not familiar with it to understand what’s being said.

    That said, from reading different feminist websites, I do see another problem of interpreting social phenomena not with methodological individualism but through holism, as well as generally missing plausible alternative explanations. It’s the common problem of seeing everything through the lens of what you specialize in. This is hardly limited to feminism, but it does seem to be pervasive.

    However, probably the most positive feature found in most subgroups of feminism that is compatible with libertarianism is that most feminists want to address and change cultural attitudes instead of simply relying on the state to accomplish their goals. I liked that you focused on gendered expectations as a plausible explanation for certain phenomena, instead of the all too common explanation of straightforward misogyny.

    Great job, and I think it worked very well as an introduction to feminism for libertarian.

  3. Chriswich

    Thank goodness for this much-needed talk. The fact that this is controversial within the liberty movement just shows how much it is needed. You are breaking ground Cathy.

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