Using Brazen Careerist’s Network Roulette for SEO and link building

Building links is about building a network. Finding people in your niche who are at just the right spot — active and engaged but not superstars who won’t have time for you — is tough. That’s where tools like Brazen Careerist’s Network Roulette come in.

The beauty of Network Roulette is that the people you’re connecting with are very targeted. They’re generally Gen Y people interested in advancing their careers and side projects. It’s a professional venue, so you can get right down to business, it’s expected. I’ll go through how to use Network Roulette (functionality) and then how to use it for SEO.

To use Network Roulette, just sign in or up for Brazen Careerist, a Gen Y career-focused social networking site. Then you’ll see a banner for Networking Roulette with a countdown to when the next event starts. When it’s a few minutes from starting, click on the banner and fill out some info, then get started.

Network Roulette matches you with another person, and you basically instant message for three minutes, at which point you are matched with someone else.

A few complaints. One, three minutes is nothing when you’re typing, this should be a video chat. Two, there’s no indication of whether your partner is typing or not. Also, when I did this before my partners would waste time with “hi” and “how are you?” Yeah, you should be polite but we’ve got three minutes and typing, people, let’s get down to business!

Anyway, here’s where the SEO part comes in. Decide what you want to get accomplished for SEO before you begin. Do you want guest post opportunities, guest posts, link exchanges, advertising opportunities, more Facebook fans, more Twitter followers? All these can help your SEO and all these are legit uses for Network Roulette. Many Brazen people have blogs, you could even just find blogs in your niche and start commenting. And again, these are people who are active, but not superstars, the perfect people to target.

So that’s Network Roulette. Give it a whirl and let me know in the comments what you thought. Maybe I’ll see you on there!

Network Roulette Video

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