My video outranked my site! Using video to dominate your SERPs

This is interesting. To me, anyway. I’ve been targeting the keyword “internet marketing Birmingham” with this blog, for obvious reasons. I’ve not been going after it super hard, what with clients and the day job and all.

But I made a little YouTube video that targeted the phrase “Birmingham internet marketing.” I made that the title of the video, put it in the description and used it in the tags. I also used the phrase in the video, and created captions for the video so Google could read the fact that I used the phrase.

Lo and behold, the video is outranking my site, by quite a bit.

My rankings for "internet marketing Birmingham"

My rankings for "internet marketing Birmingham"

What’s weird is the video doesn’t rank in the top 50 for “Birmingham internet marketing,” while my site does.

Here it is, nothing fancy:

This just goes to show that Google loves to rank videos, even ones where views are low, and even  for local searches.

So get going! Make some low-quality webcam videos on your subject matter and start ranking!


  1. Hi Cathy,

    We are using a video generating service called Animoto to generate dozens of videos that we upload to YouTube and then embed in our site.
    Then we write a blog post with certain keywords (modern hand made glass lights), many of which are in the tags of the YouTube videos.
    In one case last week, we attained results #1, #2 organically.
    Result #6 was one of our youtube videos, and the last 2 items on the page we 2 of our other YouTube videos.

    Here is the search query:

    Check out the results.
    #1 and 2 came from the blog post, but having 3 additional results on page 1 from YouTube videos is PHENOMENAL!


  2. cathyreisenwitz

    Jeremy, that is stinking brilliant! Product videos without having to break out a videocamera! How funny that Google wants to rank videos for transactional searches. Imma hafta look into that company for my day job.

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