1. Paul Crider

    This is encouraging. I had assumed the UN favored a simplistic prohibitionist stance on prostitution, but maybe I should review their statements …

    Nice blog, by the way. I came here via Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

  2. Derrick Fargo

    Would pros be allowed to advertise and network openly? How would advertising work in this market? I think the UN has delivered a slippery argument. If regulated, like in Sweden, prostitution would still be an underground trade.

      • Derrick Fargo

        What do you mean by ‘more legal’? Something is either legal, or illegal.

          • Derrick Fargo

            Thanks for clarifying.

            Could you help me with something? I posted this blog on FB and I got a few nasty comments. One of them was “Um… Legalized slavery did not stop human trafficking.” I responded by noting that slavery was legal, taxed, and regulated, where sex work is not. How would you respond to such a naive comment?

          • Derrick Fargo

            BTW, I got here via Billyrock.

            In the Billyrock interview you said that you’ve been writing a lot about the sex trade lately. I live in Seattle, which I understand is an active place for human trafficking. It’s a hot local topic. The topic often enters conversation, and I have a hard time differentiating from sex work and human trafficking–the topics tend to overlap. Do you have any writings that would help me make sense of it?

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