Trying Something New, Again

Okay, so with Sex, Tech, and Pop Culture, my new newsletter, I’ve been composing in an HTML editor for Google Drive and then pasting into an email every day. That’s labor-intensive and leaves out people who prefer to visit my blog to get my content, plus it does nothing for my SEO and makes it hard for people to see what they would be subscribing to.

So while reading the Lenny interview with Cecile Richards I noticed that Lenny duplicates their site content in the newsletter so that’s what I’m trying.

Okay, so we’ll see how this goes. If you have thoughts/suggestions, leave a comment or if you’re reading via email, first, go you, thank you. Second, just respond to this email.

A little piece of realness for you from @HFBondsTrader: “life hack: put the ass in the chair and earn that next dollar”

I got a nice Tweet from fellow content marketer @James_daSilva on a post from right before Christmas of mine. “Some food for thought for anyone who’s been a freelancer/client or worked with them.”

Jezebel wrote an awesome post about Britney Spears’s Instagram. I love anything about Spears that’s not mean. Maybe it’s that she’s from Arkansas and I’m from Alabama. Maybe it’s that we’re both blonde and crazy. But I love that bitch. Of course nothing so far has beat this longread on Miss Spears. And I doubt anything ever will.

Yesterday was pretty bad for civil liberties. Is not being murdered by a police officer a civil liberty? Grand Jury isn’t indicting the officer who killed 12-year-old unarmed black boy Tamir Rice. Here’s a primer by @madeleinedouxon how unusual it is to not indict, except when it’s a police officer. Another “fun” fact about institutional racism, from @samswey: “Every person killed by Cleveland police over the past four years has been black. 70% have been unarmed. #TamirRice” Source

Best commentary came from @KaraRBrown: “This is insane. Being a police officer is a JOB. It is not some divine mandate to wild the fuck out without repercussions.”

Reason’s Liz Nolan Brown compiled the Best Sex-Work Books of 2015 for you motherfuckers. So that’s nice.

And I’m excited about reading this @togglecoat piece on public sex.

Last night I think I found what may be the most ridiculous-yet-earnest sex advice website on the planet. This kind of messaging, that if you don’t do X, Y, and Z (in this case absolutely adoring the taste of your partner’s genitals) then you’re doing sex wrong is exactly why people associate sex-positivity with aggressive, bullying, macho bullshit. The whole point of sex-positivity is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to sex. Sex is consensual. That’s the only must. Everything else is up for negotiation between fully sovereign individuals and not up for judgment by third parties. That doesn’t mean we can’t critique sex from a feminist standpoint. We should and do. But it does mean we don’t go around heaping approbation and mockery on individuals for fucking “wrong.”

Got a lot of comments on a post on Facebook yesterday. My commentary was: “Apparently racism, sexism, and misogyny are nothing more than bad ‘manners’ and the correct response is ‘parents.’

“This is embarrassing. Do better, libertarians. If your enemy is progress, call yourself what you are, conservatives.” Here’s the link to the story, PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette, which lives on, of course.

I’ve just kind of had it with both PC culture AND anti-PC culture. As far as libertarians go, yes, stand up and fight every time there are legal limits imposed on speech. But don’t conflate legal limits with social approbation. You yourselves fought to ensure every person has the right to fire people and refuse to do business with people on ANY basis, including because they’re giant fucking racists. Now, I personally think social approbation for voluntary behavior is yucky, see slut shaming, as Mytheos Holt reminded in the the thread linked above. But I’m not sure how truly voluntary racism is for the recipients.

But somehow libertarians will write thinkpiece after thinkpiece about how racists ought to be able to racist without the threat of being fired, or even criticized, but never about how a woman should be able to conduct herself sexually without getting flack for it. In fact, when I wrote about that from a libertarian perspective, I was told it had nothing to do with libertarianism. But racism does. What? Now I will say that when women get fired for getting preg, libertarians are pretty good about defending those women. Anyway, fuck everyone on both sides. Also watch this season of South Park. It’s amazing.

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