In truth their principles are hate, discrimination, and harassment.

I generally shy away from, “Well if you *really* cared about X, you would have complained about Y,” argumentation. Generally all it betrays is that the person speaking hasn’t been listening to the people they are vilifying. Perfect example: When MRAs claim feminists don’t care about men because they haven’t been speaking up about so-called men’s issues.

And yet, if the alt right were principled free speech defenders they’d have cried as loudly about the RNC porn ban as the Twitter Milo ban. If the alt right were principled freedom of association defenders they’d support the Twitter Milo ban. In truth their principles are hate, discrimination, and harassment.

Anyway, links.

Interesting stat from @Gun_Shots: DC enacted the nations most restrictive gun laws in 1976. The city’s murder rate rose 134% through 1996, while the national rate dropped 2%.

Can you deal with how hot my bf is? I can’t.


Speaking of sexy dudes, I want this guy to have my babies. Similarly to knowing why rednecks don’t join forces with Black Lives Matter, we know why “small-government” conservatives aren’t on the Gary Johnson bandwagon. And it sucks.

This profile of Gary Johnson was pretty good. If you don’t know anything about him.

“The Crime Control Act of 1994 asked the FBI to annually compile and publish data about the use of police force in all instances so that the country could keep track of trends of police violence, identify problematic precincts, or catch enforcement bias. But union representatives of law enforcement agencies successfully lobbied the feds to make reporting optional. So most departments now simply plead poverty and refuse to comply.”

How police unions actually hurt police officers

As a followup to Monday’s newsletter, none other than the BBC is saying that polyamorous relationships may be the future of love.

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