Today I predicted the future in FEE

Guys I can predict the future. Here’s a sample from my latest in FEE:

President Obama, when selling the Affordable Care Act, promised Americans that if they liked their health insurance plan, they had nothing to worry about. But Obama knew that was impossible. The ACA forced insurers to cover more medications and procedures, effectively outlawing all low-cost plans. The ACA forced millions of middle-class Americans to pay more for more insurance than they wanted or needed.

That wasn’t fun for anyone, but most families simply lowered their standard of living to help pay for everyone else’s insurance.

That’s not going to happen for low-income Americans, who can’t afford the hit.

If state governments decline the rate hikes, more insurers will leave the exchanges. If state governments approve the rate hikes, millions of low-income Americans lose their insurance unless states also ramp up subsidies.

This, my friend, is a giant, and growing, unfunded liability that most states simply cannot afford. They can’t afford to pay people’s medical bills (Medicare) and they can’t afford to pay people’s insurance premiums under Obamacare. The money isn’t there.

The only possible outcomes for Obamacare are extremely onerous taxes, healthcare rationing, or both. There is no other way for this to end.

Read it. My mom loved it.

So that was depressing. This thread will lift your spirits and restore your faith in humanity.

Sometimes I really love America. “Trump’s racist white nationalist campaign was ended by the muslim father of a soldier waiving a copy of the US Constitution.” -@hyperplanes

Sex is a continuum, not a binary, volume 245456. Also our insistence on forcing it to look that way is horrifying.

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