Today, feminism is engulfed in a fiery debate about gender and sexuality

Whew. You guys this is a true must-read.

“Today, feminism is engulfed in a fiery debate about gender and sexuality.” Don’t I know it.

“Intersectional feminists have embraced the trans, sex worker, and sexual liberation movements, opposed by supporters of an older radical feminist tradition, who would exclude them. I am firmly in the intersectional camp. When I took up sex work, I was filled with a moralist shame, but intersectional feminists taught me to have pride in my work, and in my identity. Whether we are baristas, escorts, or lawyers, women find that we are required to provide intimate labour of the body and mind. Where radical feminism would call me a traitor to my gender for serving men’s needs, intersectional feminism would emphasise what sex workers have in common with all the workers of the world; a complex structure of interwoven consents and coercions.

“Learning about intersectional feminism changed my life, and brought me back into politics. It has done the same for thousands of other gender and sexual outlaws who felt excluded by the feminist identity, and we should support it for its own sake. But we must also end the debate between moralists and libertines in our ranks for an essential strategic reason. If feminists do not abandon their moralism, men’s rights activists and their growing penumbra of supporters will continue to paint us all with the same brush. They will continue to distort our views, telling their audience that we are all moralists, and channeling the frustration of men towards their hateful ends. And, for millions of boys growing up, misogyny will continue to make more sense than feminism.”

It is feminism that offers men the chance at a sexually fulfilling life.

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Last night my lil sister and I did some baking:

The Unlikely Appeal of the Dick Video

“Frankly, a well-shot masturbation video can be a truly remarkable work of art. Sexted videos are to professional porn what low-budget short films are to Oscar contenders: It isn’t that one is better or worse; they’re just operating at different levels. One is meant to appeal to a massive audience and deliver a visually and narratively spectacular experience. The other is for a small audience but is carried by the passion of the creator and the willingness of the viewer to engage with its quiet, intimate value.”

Orgasmic design: how vibrators have become ambitious tech products

“It’s odd to admit this, but vibrators may have gone way beyond not being shameful. They may just be cool.

“It’s been a strange road to this point.”

Mikayla Novak is my spirit animal. “Feminism is part of an interlocking family of movements aimed at human liberation, and indeed helping to achieve it, albeit in fits and starts.”

This essay is a very dense and academic call for intersectional feminism.

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OMG this on the fedora

Another day, another self-identified ancap with a bitcoin poster strawmanning feminism.

First of all, show me a movement that doesn’t have a faction engaging in “censorship tactics,” “false data” and an “ever-expanding need to find something new to be offended about.” Good luck, because self-identified AnCaps have done all of these to me, (if you count harassment as an attempt at censorship).

“Mandatory equality is always the end goal of feminism.” This here is why I spend so much time criticizing feminists and libertarians and conservatives and so little time criticizing MRAs and liberals and socialists.

Straw-manning an idea you don’t understand to win points among people who already agree with you is the lowest form of communication.

“The vast majority, if not all, of feminist philosophy relies on the backing of a hierarchical authority mandating that its belief system be upheld and enforced.”

Okay, first, what? What does that poorly constructed, passive-voice sentence even mean?

What does “relies on the backing of” mean? What hierarchical authority are you talking about? Does feminism rely on the backing of patriarchy? Well, no because feminism that believes in a patriarchy opposes it.

Second. Oh, bro. You betray your ignorance here. Sure, some feminist advocate mandatory paid leave, mandatory equal pay, mandatory representation within certain occupations, and subsidized birth control. Just like some AnCaps advocate child rape as well as evicting black people and homosexuals.

But just as child rape isn’t an intregal part of Anarcho-capitalism, government force is not an integral part of feminism. It sucks that you made a long video about an ideology before you realized the part of the movement that intersects with Anarcho-capitalism.

Libertarian and individualist feminism is a vibrant and growing wing of feminism that you should probably be at least aware of before you wax poetic about how you’re not a feminist.

This is fun.

“Adult film studios and their stars face more and more scrutiny from social networks, even when the content they post is not explicit. Conversely, social networks like Instagram and Facebook have increasingly targeted users for sharing nonsexual nudity. … Like their big banking counterparts, social media’s big boys are prudes in the truest sense, and their enforcement of nudity and decency policies doesn’t seem to follow any sort of logic.”
Sex censorship breeds a fetish-focused social network via @VioletBlue

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