The Teen Mom sex tape, a cam-girl first person and the meaning of drag

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“Apparently Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has given up activism for a career in comedy. I just heard him on the radio railing against the Koch brothers for using their wealth to influence American politics.” -Thaddeus Russell.

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7 shares and mad traffic for Thoughts on Liberty! Yes, I am a Cam Girl and I Have Self-Respect

Way better than I expected: We Are All in Drag


Team @mandystadt by a LOT. This piece says WAY more about the author than the subject.


Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is claiming that she paid to have a tape made with porn star James Deen for her own personal use. That must be the weirdest present to oneself I have ever heard of. James is saying they made porn together, which a company commissioned, and was intended to be “leaked” as a sex tape. So much whyyy to this whole story.

Lindsey Lohan is going to the rehab of her choice instead of to jail for some crime. I hate the US criminal justice system. When I tell you’ve I’ve read 5 stories trying to figure out what she did that a judge is telling her what to do, I’m not exaggerating. WTH?

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