The rest of the trip – Seattle

If you’re here for housing, read my latest: Dean Preston’s Housing Policy is Based on Faith, not Facts

Otherwise, I’ll wrap up my travel diary.

Nick recovered enough to drive and we headed up to Seattle where we ate and drank and did touristy shit. Photos here. Nick was SO EXCITE to see the locks. We both loved going up in the Space Needle. Nick lost his shit at the Living Computers Museum (lots of “cray” jokes). And I enjoyed the Seattle Underworld Tour. Though honestly it was a little too sex-negative for my tastes. Serves me right for doing something sex-related and normie I guess.

I also watched the second Dem debate. Best take of the night was this: “Marianne Williamson talks like someone who just dumped Humphrey Bogart” Also check out this.

My favorite moment was when Biden snapped back at Harris, who generally owned him, “I was a public defender. I didn’t become a prosecutor.”

Now I’m back in SF and ready to attack the week or something.

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