1. Lindsey Dodge

    Actually the DoD spending and budget restriction is more complicated. Sequestration disproportionately affects the military (true), but the real story behind that are the thousands of reserve officers who are being worked as active officers for reserve pay. (Really no bueno.) Sequestration cuts are bad, even if you recognize that the DoD is bloated and unnecessarily huge, because the cuts aren’t TARGETED and usually hurt the backbone of the military, not the fluff. There are other military concerns tied up with sequestration of the tactical variety, but another sequestration would be disastrous for military men and women and was thankfully avoided.

    • Philandering Bastard

      Oh, bullshit. The sequester didn’t even cut anything, it just decreased the rate of spending increase.

      Will people be affected by any meaningful fiscal reforms? Yes, very much so. That is inevitable under an unsustainable system. The only question is who and how much.

      Currently the answer is no one who votes and to destroy the lives of those who don’t yet. I can’t see how that is moral.

      Your special pleading is just one more pathetic variety of ‘fuck you, I’ve got mine’.

  2. Philandering Bastard

    I completely agree that this is a bad deal for anyone serious about fiscal reform.

    On the other hand it is a very smart move for the GOP. It avoids another bruising debt ceiling battle and the associated negative PR. The Democrats are given even more of the rope that is Obamacare to hang themselves with it.

    This is really the crux of our political system. Actions that are rational from the perspective of the individual player (Ryan and the GOP) are not rational for the system at large.

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