The content on my new site is duplicate! Can this cause me problems?

who knew duplicate content could be so cute?

Who knew duplicate content could be so cute?

Had my good friend and talented web designer Jean Campbell ask me a question today about the duplicate content on her newest WordPress site.

Here’s the question:

I’m stealing content I wrote on ‘spread good stuff‘ until I get [my new site] built out and get a schedule going to produce new, exclusively yoga content for the ‘yoga blog’. Is this a bad thing? I can take it down off the spreadgoodstuff blog if I need to.

That’s a great question because I think it could be a bad thing if done wrong. Let’s say Google crawled her new site and found all the content to be exactly the same as the content on her older site. That would make her new site look essentially like a scraper site. Google could penalize her new domain for spammy behavior before Jean ever gets the chance to upload the unique content.

To avoid this potential problem, all Jean needs to do is make sure “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors” is selected in her privacy settings. (I guess this setting keeps out the abnormal visitors, haha.)



This helps prevent Google from walking in on her site before it’s got its original content on and getting the wrong idea about what kind of site it is.

Anyone else got any questions like this? Let me know in the comments and I’ll write a post about the interesting ones.

Photo via the talented Donald Macleod.

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  1. I like the cuddly cute sheep pic and the practicality of this post. Probably a lot of people wonder about this. Keep up the cuteness and usability.

    ~ Z ~

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