Double Down, bitch. The Best Thing Anyone Has Ever Said About My Work

Hello my beautiful flowers.

I recently got an encouraging note that is hands-down the best thing anyone has ever said about my writing.

I want to share it with you because it’s lame that I talk about my haters more than my lovers. And also because it applies to so many of you.

Here it is:

Hey pretty lady, it’s me with more unsolicited advice and commentary on your writings!

Damn. I’m so happy for you. From the tone of your writing, I don’t think you have realized it yet, but you have just stumbled into the sweet spot.

I know comments like what you are dealing with sting, but that specific kind of hate doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes when you have struck VERY VERY close to something the commenter is horribly afraid of. It is like a chalk seal on a giant oil reserve. You are on to something. Your writing is different BECAUSE you can write eloquently about politics and fucking a bunch of people. And that is scary to a group that has pigeon holed themselves into a bullshit binary stance.

Your fluidity in writing scares them. Because if you are right. If you continue to write poignantly on both subjects, dancing back and forth between them at will, you will steal eyeballs. You will drain their readership. And they know that. So a forward assault to get you to back down is the only move they have. And this is the best part, that’s fools mate.

It’s the move made when YOU have already won, Cathy. Their only hope is for you to back down. Fuck that. Double Down, bitch. Write the most incisive political piece AND the sluttiest sexual commentary. Because you can, and they can’t. You say you’re no good at personal branding, but you have already nailed it. Be that girl who is both crazy smart and loves crazy sex and is unapologetic about both.

And keep writing about being unsure, and learning and growing. Because that’s what we all are, and we like reading about others trying to figure it out too. It’s your life, obviously do what you think is best.

But from the cheap seats, it looks like you’re already headed in the right direction. You just have to keep pushing. Don’t stahp. Don’t slow down. You want the peddle on the right, all the way to the floor.


Fuck that. Double Down, bitch. INDEED.

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