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WOW: Pinterest Is Secretly Profiting Off Your Pins

Pinterest “secretly” inserts affiliate codes into pins so e-tailers can give them money when someone comes to their site via the pin. The article calls this creepy. I’m not seeing it. I personally like it when a site I enjoy using completely harmlessly makes money. That means it sticks around longer at no cost to me. What’s not to love?

Google’s Foray Into Hardware Will Be A Total Disaster — Here’s Why

Google’s decision to buy Motorola is what leads me to believe this won’t be successful. The phones suck. The last two phones I’ve had have been Motorola and they’ve both been awful. I had the Razr first. Now I have the Droid X. My droid isn’t

yet two years old and has big black splotches on the screen. Setting it up required me to remove the battery, which is inordinately difficult due to poor design. I’ve had to remove the battery other times to get the phone to take a charge.


Photo by rasamalai


  1. Christopher Allen

    Sounds like you had a dud. I’ve had numerous Motorola products and they’ve been among the best I’ve ever owned. Motorola Surfboard Routers are consistently among the best out there. The Motorola Slvr and Razr I’ve owned took a licking and kept on ticking. I literally dropped them each over 50 times with no effects. They ended up immersed in the pool or river and were able to be rescued by replacing the battery and simple drying in a bag of rice. The Slvr even rolled down a large asphalt hill a number of times without effect. All of this was 3 – 7 years ago when they were making thicker aluminum alloy encased phones. Google made a great acquisition with Motorola.

    • cathyreisenwitz

      Hey Chris!

      Thanks for reading! I definitely might’ve gotten a few duds. I’m glad your phones and routers have been good to you. And I hope this acquisition works out for them for sure.


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