Super excited about SEOMoz training in Seattle in August!

Ask and you shall receive!

My department is sending me to the 2010 SEOMoz Pro Training Series! Plus I’m getting the Pro tools.

Also, my title is now SEO Strategist, instead of Web Content Writer. So it’s petty to care about titles, but you know what? I care. Oh well. Also, I get business cards, my first ever, to take with me to the training.

I really want to take an iPad with me to take notes with, but I’m not sure how well that would work. A few people at the office use them for note taking in meetings. I’ll have to play around with one at the Apple store.

I think Zac and I are going to go up and hang out Saturday and Sunday and then he’ll leave me to learn it up Monday and Tuesday. We want to see the Jimi Hendrix museum, which I think is the Experience Music Project, but I’m not sure. I also want to eat in the Space Needle restaurant. Not sure what else I should hit up while there.

When I was at Bruce Clay training in Simi Valley, California, a couple of people wanted a to check out the Ronald Reagan museum. It’ll be interesting to find out what these trainees want to see in Seattle.

I’m so excited. I just hope it’s not sold out before I get back into the office on Tuesday and can register. *fingers crossed*

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