1. Mark Read Pickens

    You know what I despise? I see hot women all the time and they simply will not stop putting disturbing thoughts in my head!

    It’s irresponsible. They should be ashamed.

    Sometimes I fantasize about being able to control how I think, feel, and react, but that’s obviously a pipe dream.

  2. Dr J

    Or, hey, we could treat female entertainers as professionals who do what they do to elicit reactions in their audience. Which means they don’t need us rushing to their defense when the reactions happen.

  3. jtkennedy

    “-it’s not a good cultural norm to move responsibility for what goes on in one person’s head to another person.”

    Isn’t this exactly what you do in your next post on slut shaming? You claim women feel ashamed of things they should not be ashamed of, and that other people are responsible for this.

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