1. ManWithPlan

    Women are oppressed by the choices of working or staying at home to care for their family. Men are spectacularly empowered patriarchs with the privilege to choose between working and starving to death on the street.

    • emikoala

      Not all women are married, and only a fraction of married couples can afford to get by on one income.

  2. Joy_M_H

    Isn’t it interesting how the split in radical/liberal ideology pops up over and over again? Sometimes it would seem that they entail one another; can there really be ‘education’ without the ‘material contexts’ that would facilitate such education? Can there be informed ‘ individual choice’ without ‘collective contextual support’ (the feed back loop to education from others)?

  3. garyfnbusey

    Miley Cyrus’s success would only be an affirmation that women have to commodify themselves to succeed if her chosen career strategy were her only option. And it isn’t. At all. If it were, maybe I could sympathize. But she could have, you know, gotten a job or something.

    For everyone, there are big payoffs available for doing things that compromise your values. But you don’t have to take them, and the fact that they are there isn’t a form of oppression. Sorry, but that’s as ridiculous as looking at Drake and saying that a man’s worth is strongly correlated with his ability to complete a female fantasy of total devotion and selflessness.

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