It’s such a slog to be bad at something

“Everyone’s upset about the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters, but the only true ghost in history was the newly resurrected Jesus Christ. And guess who saw him first? A bunch of women.” -Jeremy McLellan

It takes an insane amount of privilege to support limiting working hours in an economy where millions of people are still desperate to work more.

It’s telling that Chait finds it easier to imagine that huge swaths of Republican primary voters are childlike and naive, rather than folks who quite rationally dig Trump’s direct appeals to their interests — their racial interests. Among Trump’s most notorious policy proposals is a moratorium on Muslims entering the country. He has called Mexican immigrants ‘rapists.’ Maybe we should concede that these declarations are not incidental to his appeal among his supporters, but central to them. Calling them ‘idiots’ posits that they’ve been duped, when perhaps Trump is saying precisely what they want to hear.”

There’s been an intense push by immigrant groups this year to help people apply for citizenship because of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Has Edge Over Donald Trump In General Election
When Trump’s supporters aren’t being written off as intellectually incapable of knowing a huckster when they see one, their motivations are often ascribed to their being ‘working class.’ But the working class today is nearly 40 percent people of color — and among people of color, Trump is profoundly unpopular. His coalition is nearly entirely white. Even the class part of the “working class” narrative is inaccurate; Trump’s supporters are wealthier than most Americans, and have higher incomes than supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The ‘working class revolt’ explanation for Trump’s rise is overstated — and it can be a useful dodge to avoid talking about explanations involving racial grievance.

It’s Gotten A Lot Harder To Act Like Whiteness Doesn’t Shape Our Politics

I find opposition to the idea of “whiteness” being a thing extremely odd. Yes, it’s vague and subjective. Kind of like freedom or prosperity or coercion. That an idea isn’t simple doesn’t make it useless or bad. Of course whiteness is a thing. Like as in “white feminism” or “white fragility” or any number of other things that you might hear about if you step outside the idea that white could have a meaning other than “default.”

“Rappers are like content marketers. Lots of guest posts, expert shout outs, consistent publication schedule, and positioning as thought leaders to sell their speaking engagements, which is where the real money is.” Andrew Marder gets it.

Did you know modern American libertarianism was founded by four women?

Kinda like computer programming. Ladies invented it and then dudes took it over.

What trans men see that women don’t.

While we’re on feminism:

I’ve been a bit anxious and irritable ever since Austin. I haven’t done cardio since, which I think is a big part of my anxiety. And I miss local boo. And I’ve been fat or bloated or both. I’m also just tired a lot. Haven’t been sleeping well. Again, cardio helps with that. I have been getting some high-quality friend time tho. So that’s been nice.

Gonna get back on the cardio wagon this weekend. Pretty excited, tbh. Ready for this week to be done, even though I have a lot to do. I resubmitted my SWOP post today and rewrote my second one as a not-SWOP piece and submitted it for publication at a different place. We’ll see what happens. I know that if I were coming out of the gate hitting it out of the park I’d be not learning anything and bored. But it’s also such a slog to be bad at something. I’m not good at narrative writing yet (besides maybe about my self). I’m proud of myself for putting in the work. But I miss getting a lot of adulation for that level of effort. Growing pains. I very much want to stick with it because it’s so interesting to think about and I do feel proud for volunteering and for stretching myself.

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