Since Everyone is Starting a Podcast

No one reads anymore. It’s sad, but it’s true. Yes, I’m a way better writer than a speaker but what I am more than anything is a person with OPINIONS.

So it’s time for me to make like a white dude and start a podcast. My producer/spirit guide Amit and I are going to be talking to interesting people about sex, policy, tech, and pop culture. Non-monogamy, feminism, and housing will likely be front-and-center.

I’ve appeared on many a podcast as a guest. And I enjoyed my short stint hosting a podcast for Biomarker.

So leave some suggestions for guests/topics in the comments. Bay Area preferred, but not required.


  1. Paul

    Housing, non-monogamy, feminism is all I have going on in my life. Can’t wait to hear it.

  2. Michael C

    I’m celibate positive (uni-monogamy), a non-feminist, and would rather focus on 3-D printed and mobile housing and / or the small house movement. Curious to see if you can debate the opposite of you.

  3. Paul Crider

    I’m excited for this too! I think you know enough other folks doing podcasts that you can do a few cross-over episodes. Maybe the Neoliberal podcast, for example.

    For guests, it’d be super cool to hear you chat with Scott Wiener or some other Bay Area YIMBYs.

  4. Robin Wilson-Beattie

    You know I would love to talk race, disability, sexuality, intersectional feminism, etc.

  5. Nicholas Weininger

    Scott Wiener, of course, if you can get him. And Sonja Trauss, obvs. And Laura Foote Clark.

    On the non-monogamy side, Betty Dodson and Dixie De La Tour.

    Rebecca Solnit would be an interesting, perhaps adversarial choice. Joel Engardio too, in very different ways. Scott Alexander would of course be amazing, though who knows if he’d agree to appear.

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