Girls Gone Wild Creator Sex Tape Leak, Love Contracts, Michael Douglas — Sex Links Roundup

I’m looking through stories, and I don’t have a lot to say about any one thing, but a few things to say about a few things.

‘Love contracts’ that make requirements on sex, weight, cheating are increasingly common, experts say

Obvious fake-trend piece. But I have to say, I like it. First of all, libertarian, so you know I love me some contracts. But also, I think making your desires known and explicit is a great thing. Don’t just just kind of hope your partner stays in shape if it’s important to you. Figure out what your acceptable weight range is and specify it.

Couple having sex in SUV ran over woman who called 911 on them: Indianapolis cops

They were having sex in their SUV in a Super 8 Motel parking lot. A woman screamed at them and called the police and then KEPT WALKING IN FRONT OF THE CAR so they couldn’t leave until the police came. Unless she was mad about them skipping the day rates or married to one of them, I don’t understand the ire. This is why we need Fuck in a Hummer, the brilliant business plan my friends and I came up with while… reading the Bible. Fill out my contact form if you’re ready to invest.

JOE FRANCIS SEX TAPE SURFACES ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Honcho Threatens Legal Action

TMZ calls the sex tape “hardcore.” What does that mean? Confession: I’ve never watched sex that wasn’t filmed with distribution in mind. Are they usually filmed so they could be mistaken for softcore? Is this some sex-tape etiquette I of which I am unaware? When mine leak after I get super famous, will I have breached this really important code of conduct?!

Michael Douglas has struck a blow for oral sex

Damn you Michael Douglass. And HPV.

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