RSS, e-mail or direct traffic – how do you read blogs?

Graywolf wrote recently about the death of RSS, which I’ve been hearing about for a long time. Here’s a link for those, apparently there are many, unfamiliar with RSS. I was scared of RSS until I started with Google Reader. With it, I don’t need a blog’s feed, just the URL.

Now I love my Google Reader, and pretty much only visit blogs when I find them for the first time.

But RSS hasn’t been well adopted. Most blog readers don’t use readers, they either visit the bookmarked blogs or subscribe via e-mail. I subscribe to 136 blogs via RSS and can’t imaging getting that much e-mail. Similarly, I used to waste SO MUCH TIME visiting blogs to check for updates. An exercise in frustration.

But, people like to subscribe via e-mail, so I know I need to offer that option.

I’d love to hear from readers what you use to read your blogs and why. And from bloggers, do you have more direct traffic, RSS subscribers or e-mail subscribers?

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