Portland day 1

Arrived in Portland on Thursday and couldn’t check into our Airbnb so we headed to brunch at Mother’s, which I remembered from my first and only trip to Portland. (WordPress is being a little bitch so see our pix here.)

Then we walked to Powell’s and I bought a new pair of Doc Martin’s while Nick broswed and then of course I got lost looking for him.

Then, to the drinking! We started at Deschutes and then headed to Backwoods Brewing. By then I needed a cocktail and we liked the looks of Vault. It was all within a few steps of each other and a very short walk to our Airbnb. I liked Backwoods more than Deschutes. The staff was super nice, we could pick any six beers to taste, it wasn’t crowded, and the beers were good! It was worth going to Deschutes for the aged, higher-ABV black butte porter though. Vault was pretty, the cocktails were good. And it wasn’t crowded either. It’s so crazy to be outside SF where every bar is slammed on a Thursday night.

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