People don’t like it when people try to claw outside their place

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This weekend I published my second post for Sweet Talk.

People don’t like it when people try to claw outside their place. It makes them uncomfortable.

We like to pump up people who’ve done it, who’ve made something of themselves, who’ve overcome the odds through hard work and sheer determination. Because once someone is there, it’s clear they belong. But we don’t like it when someone who probably doesn’t belong tries to elbow their way in.

Watch someone’s face when they see the elbowing happening in real-time. When someone with less power asks the powerful for a favor, an introduction, a contact. If you manage to get there, you’re a hero. But it’s all so distasteful when it’s happening. While you’re clawing your way up, you’re a wannabe. Striving isn’t a good look on anyone.

This is a good essay critiquing the knee-jerk, ignorant, hateful opposition to feminism within the atheist community.

To this day, I’ve still never seen one good argument as to why I should reject the feminist label, but I’ve seen plenty of truly pathetically ignorant and embarrassingly bad ones.

The anti-fems say “the definition has changed; it doesn’t mean what it used to.” But it hasn’t changed. Every feminist organization I’m aware of still holds to the same essential concept that I have just described. Yes there are ‘radical feminists’ who might seem to take things too far. So what? Every collective has extremists, and every issue of women’s equality has historically been hard for most men to care about or accept. That trend will continue. They’re not always right either, and some of their comments irritate me too. So argue the issues how you must, and allow that some feminists might even agree with you.

Sam shared a good overview of how welfare reform exacerbated deep poverty.

Speaking of Sam, he knows how to treat a lady.


Shit like this makes me proud to be a marketer. And happy to be alive now. People who think marketing can’t create diverse, inspiring, world-changing content don’t know shit. This made me cry a little. “It’s time for me to be happy.”

Point: “Next time people say, ‘just be yourself,’ stop them in their tracks. No one wants to hear everything that’s in your head. They just want you to live up to what comes out of your mouth.” Counterpoint, via Kelly Vee.

I was on a podcast.

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