Is opposing forced integration of public schools racist?

Is opposing forced integration of public schools racist? Not necessarily. Are the people who are happy to let black and brown kids rot in shitty public schools but will cry out and tear down the whole system before they let any of those black and brown kids into their functioning, high-quality majority-white public schools kinda racist? Probably.

Jamelle Bouie (who I love) is amused that Samantha Bee’s husband is denying that his opposition to the forced integration of his kid’s school is racist.

You wanna talk racism? Okay. Forcing one school to integrate doesn’t solve the problem of the racist public education monopoly. Instead of forcing majority white schools to integrate, force ALL schools to do their damn jobs. How about we let parents choose winning schools instead of letting bureaucrats choose which kids have to be forced into losing schools?

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This was an interesting discussion on liberalism vs authoritarianism.

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  1. Donna Yates

    Ummmm, Didn’t we cover all of this in the 1960s?? Why are we allowing ourselves to move backward, instead of forward, in time? We are again arguing over all of the rights and liberties that were fought ove, and won, by people like Martin Luther King, Jr, and all of the civil rights advocates in the ’60s and ’70s. Talk about revisiting the past! Hasn’t anyone ever heard that we need to learn from our history to avoid repeating it? Wake up, people and let’s look at some of the real issues that are facing us in the here and now and quit allowing yourselves to be fooled into spending our energy and time reliving old problems that were solved many years ago. While we are worried about who gets to sit in the front of the proverbial bus, what are we NOT paying attention to??

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