Now Every Girl Can Buy Plan B Without a Prescription!




The Washington Post is reporting:

The Obama administration will comply with a court order to allow over-the-counter emergency contraceptive sales to women and girls of all ages, according to documents filed late Monday.

The Obama Administration previously blocked access without a prescription to emergency contraception to girls under 15.

As the Huffington Post is reporting:

“Once the court confirms that the government’s understanding is correct, the government intends to file with the Circuit Court notice that it is voluntarily withdrawing its appeal in this matter,” the department said in a letter to the judge.

Blocking access was an entirely political move, as studies show that Plan B is no more dangerous than Tylenol or Asprin, both of which girls could always buy without an Rx. In fact, as Gina Luttrell reported for Thoughts on Liberty, a New York judge slammed the decision and ordered that the FDA make the morning after pill available to all ages.

Not only did the Obama Administration put girls at undue risk for unplanned pregnancy for no medical reason, the Secretary of Health actually insulted them while she did it, saying they can’t read.

How interesting that this would go through right after literally weeks of constant Administration scandal.

Whatever the motives, I’ll take it. Blocking access was a bad idea and I’m very glad to see this wrong righted.

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