Not super huge into upwards wealth transfers

10 Things Sex Positivity Is Not. “My aim here isn’t to negate the fact that some people use the term ‘sex positivity’ differently than I do. Disagreements about meanings are inevitable when it comes to feminism and social justice.”

Disagreements about meanings are inevitable. If you are only willing to engage on ideas too simple and straightforward to require a defining of terms you’re really limiting your own intellectual growth.

BLM and NAACP clash with education reformers

“According to Stanford University’s Center for Research on Educational Outcomes (CREDO), middle-class black children attending charter schools in 41 cities gain an average of 29 additional days of learning in reading and 43 days in math compared with students in traditional public schools. Black children in low-income families attending charters gain an additional 44 days in reading and 59 days in math learning, the study says.”

Here’s my latest Square Circle appearance:

At 4:14 I start talking about riots in Milwaukee and institutional racism. 12:20 I start in on Trump. About 20 minutes in I explain Obamacare.

To A Lifetime of YTbois by @Judnikki was good.

My boif @hamandcheese argues that the 1996 welfare reform failed, even on conservative-libertarian terms.

?@Mistress_Magpie points out that when liberals aim at Melania Trump for her alleged sex work, they hit marginalised sex workers with their bullets of shame.

Homeless woman hauling suitcases of paperwork on the streets of DC claiming the government owes her $100K was right.

This, via @CynthiaCBell, is so real it hurts: The irony of focus.

FYI: Taxpayers subsidize housing borrowers to the tune of $150 billion a year, or 1% of GDP. This is an upwards wealth transfer. I don’t like it.

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