New BCB goodness and an update on my vagina

Hello my babies. Or what’s left of you. I swear, every time I put out an email I lose 20 subscribers. For those of you who have stayed, I appreciate your loyalty.

It actually published Tuesday, as it usually does, but I had a free speech rant that took precedence. So here’s my latest for the Bay City Beacon: Why Pelosi Chooses Wealthy Homeowners Over the Working Class. Two things to know. First, it’s a two-parter. So get excited for next week. And also some dude felt the need to tell me in the comments to “stick to writing about sex.”

Which is actually the second time in the past seven days that I’ve been encouraged to write more about my vagina! So I guess now is as good a time as any for an update.

Polyamory is hard. I’m down to one boyfriend. Warren and I are still open but… it’s hard to do it all. And it’s also easier to do all or nothing. It’s easy to hook up instead of working or making plans with my girlfriends. It’s easier to say no all at once than choose the right thing long-term in the moment.

It’s tough when I feel boring or fat or want to avoid work to not use hooking up as a salve. But it’s honestly been immensely rewarding to put a hold on sex with other people. I’ve downloaded the Calm app and started to use it. I joined Fit-Lite and have been going several times every week. I’m much more on top of my work and have been writing a lot more here. This says less about polyamory and non-monogamy as institutions than it does about me and my powers of impulse control. Or lack thereof.

And while I don’t think there’s any causal relationship, sex with Warren has been both plentiful and extremely enjoyable lately. Not to brag, okay, exactly to brag, we went to Napa last weekend and he got us a great room at a beautiful hotel and we only left the room to socialize. Which, to be real, also lowers my incentive to hook up.

It’s also a time suck to deal with jealous feelings. Not that it’s not worth it, just more that it’s not how I want to spend my time right now. It’s like a workout for muscles that are only useful for a sport I don’t really have time to play right now.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Love you guys.

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