My Thoughts on Oregon, Systems that Benefit Sociopaths, New Slang for Bangin

Well, first my thoughts on the shit in Oregon: Terrorist is the New Thug, Character Assassination in Oregon.

This is so heartwarming. This New Coffee Business Is Helping Silicon Valley’s Homeless Help Themselves via @Hipstercrite.

Why are you still swiping in 2016? REALLLY thought this was gonna be about dating apps @MichaelTMoroney.

“Holy shit. GM is investing $500 million in Lyft to develop self-driving cars” -@reckless

“The announcement that the two companies will be working together, not only on driverless cars, but on driverless cars that will operate as for-hire vehicles, puts GM and Lyft on a level playing field with Uber, which is developing its own autonomous technology, as well as Google and Ford, which reportedly will announce a similar partnership during CES.”

Ugly Mugs, a new safety app aimed at sex workers, shows how technology can step in where law enforcement fails. Via @PaceSociety

There are so many gems in Pay Women the Money They Need to Make the Culture by Rachel Syme.

“So sure, 2015 was ‘great’ for women. But that statement is only true if 2015 marks the last year in which things can be so very bad. If this year somehow magically marks the end of women being widely shut out of cultural production, paid significantly less than their peers, and rarely given the chance or financial backing to create mainstream art without male interventions in the process, then I will feel ready to celebrate 2015.

“The answer might be, and increasingly seems to be, looking outside the mainstream for more authentic voices, but also, the mainstream is where the money is. This is all, always, always about economics. And I want women to be paid.

“Here’s a little story about why it is important for women to control the means of cultural production.

“When women are isolated, they compete instead of conspire.

“So it all comes down, again, to money and autonomy.”

Too real. “This system sucks. It sucks for everyone. It sucks for the women who don’t have opportunity because everyone assumes you are on the mommy track. It sucks for guys that they spend most of their lives working to support a family they never get to see. This system only benefits sociopaths.”

Today in fuck the war on drugs and fuck money laundering laws, Entire Florida police department busted for laundering millions for international drug cartels. Me on money laundering.

Two of my faves, sex-positivity and television: 10 Sex-Positive Television Moments In 2015 That Will Make You Hopeful For The Future.

Need to know: 10 Sex Slang Terms That Will Be Bae in 2016

“So, storytellers; the lesson of the MRA campaign against Star Wars is that you can definitely afford to lose that audience.” –@Wheeler

Oh God. The porn sites have discovered content marketing. Okay this is funny.

“So I’m not particularly interested in most big-bank or corporate-consortium blockchain initiatives, or other applications that claim to be revolutionary because they use a particular data structure. (I am interested in genuinely transformative initiatives such as Ethereum, but that is far more than just a blockchain.) Nor am I interested in applications which expect ordinary people to use bitcoin.

“What I am interested in are applications which seek to use Bitcoin to supplant our sclerotic, duct-taped global financial plumbing.”

TechCrunch on why bitcoin matters via Peter Neiger.

Well-targeted advertising.

The article is pretty good too. “According to people more grown-up than I am, keeping track of your finances and saving money is more than just a pragmatic way to make sure you don’t spend the end of every pay period eating peanut butter in the dark, it’s the path to self-actualization.”

“‘Basically, what we find is that the more credit card debt you have, the less you enjoy your discretionary spending,’ he said. ‘So to be really happy, you need to make sure you feel financially secure—and get your credit card debt under control—and then you should use your discretionary resources to bring you closer to your friends and family. That is the simplest path from money to happiness.'”

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