1. Annie

    I hate that it always seems the conversation is you either have to be a single, childless woman in order to earn as much as your male counterpart or else you have to be happy making less because you made the “choice” to leave the workforce briefly to have children. As a society, don’t we NEED women to have children? Is it not obvious that even if a couple were to choose to have the father briefly leave the workforce to raise the child instead of the mother that the family as a whole would have to sacrifice more financially even if the mother is making the same amount of money as her partner (for instance, most employers that offer maternity leave do not offer paternity leave or if they do the paternity leave is for a much shorter duration)? Why can’t the conversation be– HOW can we find ways to help women be BOTH mothers AND highly-paid, powerful lawyers, business women, politicians, etc…? Are we saying that human beings need to stop breeding if we want women to be as financially successful and as powerful and influential as men? Once men can carry babies or babies can be incubated outside of a uterus I suppose the conversation will change again but for now women HAVE to be the ones to carry and give birth to children, period. We should encourage and support women to do both. Further, it seems like the women that, as a society, we should really want to have babies the most (smart, successful, financially capable of caring for children) are the ones we make it most hard on. Here’s your choice women: children or success. Take your pick and then shut up; after all, it was your choice.

    • Exactly. That’s kind of what I’m getting at with the whole “gendered expectations” thing. While bio dictates who gets preg, culture dictates who “leans back” to pick the kids up from soccer practice and stay home when they’re sick. This needs to change if we want to make success in the workplace and motherhood compatible.

    • Szymon Baranowski

      This a natural inequality which should be simply accepted. Women give birth and they are mothers what naturally affects their productivity and maximum level of focus on job. Motherhood is equally or even more important than bussiness career! Focusing on work by sucrificing everything else for family is geneticly a male characteristic. Real damage comes from too long payed maternity break from work which multiplies this natural inequality in case of women while forcing men to behave as women is attach on their natural character. Reality need to be accepted not by force changed damaging natural way things happen.

      • Seth MacLeod

        “Motherhood is equally or even more important than bussiness career!”

        Does this mean that fatherhood is equally or even less important than a business career?

        Women don’t need to be tied to the kitchen in a modern economy. Jobs no longer have to be nine to five and Monday through Friday. People can even work on Sundays!

        As the division of labor continues to become further specialized, there is no reason why parents must stick to conventional roles – unless, of course, one believes in the nonsense that the father ought to be the “leader” of the household.

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