it’s making me crazy that he’s not sending me more selfies

Well, bad news on the SWOP story. Somehow despite my nepotistic connections, my first-choice publication for my SWOP story passed. Apparently it was too advocate-y. I’m not much of a reporter, what can I say? So that sucks, but I’ll pitch it elsewhere tomorrow.

My babies, my boyfriend (aka local boo) was at NASA today (last night) and is presenting his paper on drones there tomorrow (today)!


He’s already recorded an episode of the a16z podcast and shit. I’m so freaking proud of him.

While in SF he’s been palling around with my other boos and now they have inside jokes and it’s making me super jelly that they’re having fun without me.

In between palling around with local boo, my partner sent me The Evolution of Judd Apatow’s ‘Nice Guys’. Which is super relevant to my interests. I love “Love,” his newest show.

Which then had me looking up Lesley Arfin, co-creator of the show and the star’s wife. Which led me to Lesley Arfin on Love, Selfishness, and the Art of Oversharing.

Good reads all.

This Is What It’s Like to Have Sex for Money When You’re Sick From Heroin Withdrawal was, as you might imagine, harrowing. But it was also pleasingly detailed and well-reported.

I’m also working on a piece for SWOP about Beyonce and sweatshops. Stay tuned for that.

Local boo gets back Thursday and I’m silly madly missing him. I’m trying so hard not to be lame and bother him all the time but it’s making me crazy that he’s not sending me more selfies.


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