lways remember that gun control means more pretexts for a militarized police

My lovelies, I’ve been hard at work on an essay that comes out Sunday (hopefully). It’s for Sweet Talk Conversation. It’ll be my second, after Is Marriage Worth It? For Poor Women, No.. I have read Sweet Talk for years, and read it way before meeting Sam, who’s been writing for it for years too. My first post got some good responses, including from @dollarsandsex, who called it a “really thoughtful response to @PennyRed’s article.” If you haven’t checked out Marina’s TED talk, Your Mother is Not a Whore, do so.

“We have seen all of this before. Disturbed man commit acts of unspeakable violence, and that violence is dissected and dismissed on the basis of their skintone, faith and nationality. Attackers are divided into binary camps of “terrorist” and “lunatic”, as if hateful ideologies and individual derangement can never be related.” Laurie Penny on far-right attacker who murdered Jo Cox.

Speaking of the old Sambot, you should read him in Foreign Fucking Policy on UBI.

?@marginalutilite shared a great Salon piece (I know) on why racial justice is a precondition for any reasonable gun control regime. Always remember that gun control means more pretexts for a militarized police, full of racial and class prejudice, to overpolice.

Please enjoy, via ?@pourmecoffee the only nice exchange they have read on Twitter in 2016:

yo dawg

More good news: Mayor @LibbySchaaf declares #June16 as #TupacShakurDay in @Oakland! via ?@okayplayer

Last night I was honored to be invited to attend a book launch party for our old friend and Trump campaign victim Michelle Fields. Her recent profile of Katrina Pierson was excellent.

If you’re interested in the state of political journalism, I highly recommend All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid, by Matt Bai. It’s a real page-turner, using an unfolding scandal I knew next-to-nothing about as a device to make a point I think I largely agree with. I have a knee-jerk negative response to self-importance (especially from journalists) and to “good-old days” false nostalgia (especially when perpetrated by white men). So Matt had to overcome those biases to convince me that we as a nation did indeed lose something important in the self-immolation of Gary Hart in the wake of his sex scandal with Donna Rice.

Speaking of media, this looks interesting.

Alright kids. Have an amazing weekend. Hopefully I’ll have my essay for you in Monday’s newsletter. Wish me luck. Muah.

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