I like ’em thick

Realized I wore my “Vote libertarian” hat with my bacon shirt to the office today. Channeling Ron Swanson pretty hard.

“For no man should take me alive.” Well I’ve got my next libertarian tattoo lined up. 4 Ways Harriet Tubman Totally Kicked Ass From a Libertarian POV, by @nickgillespie, via @robbysoave.

My bitch Liv’s research helped kill some cronyist regs in FL. Best part: Blog post headline begins “Florida man.”

“not sure why we have been calling it menstruation instead of ‘making egg drop soup'” -@halliecantor

Woman still being told to smile 100 years after death. Backstory: SOME GUY tweeted @StarTribune asking if we have diff photo of #HarrietTubman where she looks happier. ARE YOU KIDDING, SIR. -@cjsinner

Goal: Be the first to put a Harriet Tubman $20 into a stripper’s thong.

It’s really hard for me to pick my favorite parts of Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s latest.

“Going to a feminist rally and holding up signs saying ‘there is no rape culture’ may seem edgy when you’re 20, but most people realize that intruding on private events just to throw shade simply makes you an asshole, not a radical for free expression.”

Cultural libertarianism is, as ENB points out, two battles. One, it’s the battle for thick libertarianism to win over thin. This is especially rich for me, as someone who was incessantly kicked out of libertarianism for my thickism. (Ultimately I came to reject libertarianism and take up market anarchism).

The second battle is for what that that thickness entails. This is the heart of the issue. Because, as ENB points out, cultural libertarians aren’t fighting for your right to live as you wish without cultural coercion. They’re only fighting for the people whose view of the world comports with theirs to live as they wish without cultural coercion.
One thing I’ll take issue with is that ENB doesn’t challenge the claim that cultural libertarianism opposes identity politics. In practice, cultural libertarianism actually engages in white, male, heterosexual, cisgendered identity politics.

To a consistent thick libertarian, whether you get pushback for being a slut or a racist it’s still coercion. Identity politics is why cultural libertarians slut-shame with abandon but cry out when they get pushback for their outright bigotry. They are not fighting for your freedom to live as you wish, but for the same cultural authoritarianism with a different flavor.

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