Lecturing at a FEE Seminar!

Over the weekend of June 8, 2014 I’ll be lecturing at Are Markets Just? Exploring the Social Significance of a Free Economy hosted by FEE, in Austin, Texas. It wasn’t that long ago that I was first published in The Freeman. I am beyond excited to be joining the ranks of  Dr. Sanford IkedaDr. Joshua Dunn and Dr. Jason Brennan. And that’s just at my seminar!

Other seminars will feature people like Jeffrey TuckerTrevor BurrusDr. Alexandre PadillaClark Neily and Isaac Morehouse. It’s an amazing honor to be asked to lecture and to sit alongside such amazing luminaries. 

My lectures are titled “How Changing Social Mores Reveals the Wisdom and Utility of Spontaneous Order” and “How Entrepreneurs Can Make the World a Better Place.”

I want to thank Todd Hollenbeck for the invitation and for working with me closely on my lecture ideas. This will actually be my first FEE seminar, and first visit to Austin. If you’ve never been, or the agenda appeals to you, I’d love to see you there!

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