Kicking people who disagree with me out of my movement is childish and I’m starting to get over it.

Apparently the #WomensMarch disinvited a group of women who call themselves “New Wave Feminists” who wants to use the state to keep women from legally obtaining abortions (because there’s nothing newer than forcing women to carry to term!).

Which then reignited the debate over the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice.”

It seems to me that all the confusion stems from the fact that the anti-choice side tries to paint pro-choice as pro-abortion. Which is dishonest and wrong. Pro-choice means you support keeping abortion legal. Not that you think it’s a good idea. Not sure why there’s confusion on this. I support your legal right to wear cargo shorts. I also think that’s the wrong choice for you to make. See, it’s not that difficult. There are dire circumstances in which cargo shorts are the best option. People must be free to decide without state intervention.

Here’s the important part. If you want people to stop wearing cargo shorts, BUY THEM BETTER PANTS OR SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHATS. Don’t try to ban them.

If you think Jesus hates cargo shorts, you’re probably right. But I don’t remember Jesus telling us to make life harder for fashion sinners by using the state to lock us up or let us bleed out.

Another debate I think is stupid is whether pro-life people can be feminists. I don’t care. I care very much about abortion access. Again, not because I like abortions. I take birth control seriously because I don’t think I could get one myself. But because I think it’s a personal decision that should be made by a woman in consultation with her doctor. I don’t believe it’s a matter for state intervention.

However, I don’t need someone to agree with me on everything in order to be a feminist. There are sex-positive and sex-negative feminists. I’m firmly in the former camp, but I’m not going around saying sex-negative feminists aren’t feminists. Same with TERFS and SWERFS. I think they’re bigoted assholes. But, guess what? Feminists can be bigoted assholes. Kicking people who disagree with me out of my movement is childish and I’m starting to get over it.

Your daily dose of alt-right schadenfreude. Someone on The Right Stuff (dot biz) site made a parody song about me and they’ve written about me a few times. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch!

Speaking of German things, I love it when Germans get sassy.

I saw Hidden Figures Sunday night and it was really good. As @_ChristopherM pointed out, studios kept claiming black female leads don’t make money in the US. Yet Hidden Figures has been #1 for two weekends, beating Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg movies.

I know it was yesterday, but please do read Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did. “Please let this sink in. It wasn’t marches or speeches. It was taking a severe beating, surviving and realizing that our fears were mostly illusory and that we were free.”

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