It just galls me when people pop up to gaslight victims

#WhenIWas is trending to raise awareness of early experiences of sexism, harassment & assault. According to @EverydaySexism 12,000 people have shared their stories so far. Here’s mine: My first boss told my co-worker he’d only hired us because we were “hot.” It was OfficeMax.

I experience very, very little sexism or harassment. At least not in real life. Online I’m subject to HELLA harassment. Gendered, vile, racist harassment. I haven’t experienced unwanted physical contact in many, many years. But I’m not going around doubting other women just because it’s not common for me. It just galls me when people pop up to gaslight victims.

I am likely shielded from much of this by my age, location, hobbies, etc. Also my personality. I honestly think people can sense who they can fuck with without much pushback. And that’s not me. But unlike some, I don’t think every woman should have to be a cold, hard bitch just to operate in the world.

“Bernie Sanders is right: America would benefit hugely from modeling her economic and social policies after her Scandinavian sisters.” Swedish Economist Johan Norberg makes the case for Swedish-style trade liberalization, deregulation, school choice, partially privatized pensions, no property tax, no inheritance tax, and much lower corporate taxes.

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“A recent investigation by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, for example, identified 120 Massachusetts criminal convictions that were reversed in the last 30 years because of prosecutorial misconduct; at least seven of these prosecutors went on to higher posts, including judgeships, the reporters found.

“The idea that an individual responsible for such serious misconduct could effectively stroll into the office of judge is deeply disturbing.”

The Scandal-Singed DAs Who Want to Be Judges

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