Jealousy within non-monogamy

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. Earnestly tho, fuck the nation state.

My friends Nicole and Sofya recently had me on their new podcast: Ethical Non Monogamy? Dealing with Jealousy – Cathy Reisenwitz. Check it out and let them know your thoughts on their Facebook page.

This is a good overview of new California Governor Gavin Newsom’s wins and failures on housing so far.

And this is a great writeup on the current housing plans from the Dem contenders for President:

But ultimately any plan to address housing affordability in the United States will have to confront a key paradox: it’s increasingly difficult to guarantee that housing remains affordable when federal policy has designated homeownership as the ideal asset for developing middle-class wealth—a policy goal implemented in previous decades within an explicit framework of racial segregation.

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