It’s true crime with a civil libertarian twist

Do you find your extreme distrust of police and prosecutors getting in the way of your enjoyment of true crime shows? I certainly do. Maybe you’ll also absolutely love Exhibit A on Netflix. It’s true crime with a civil libertarian twist. So, crack for me. 

There’s been so much great criminal justice reform content coming out over the past few years. If you like podcasts, check out In the Dark. It’s arguably the best podcast of 2018. And I’m currently listening to a San Francisco City Insider podcast episode wherein Anne Stuhldreher talked about how San Francisco was charging onerous fees and fines that were causing people to lose their jobs and go to jail. She’s leading the San Francisco’s Financial Justice Project, which aims to eliminate some of these fines and fees. 

This is yet another “tech ruined SF” stink-piece. (Like think-piece. Yeah, I went there.) 

It’s amazing to me that in the year of our Lord 2019 people who are paid to find out about things and then write about what they learned can still be churning out content about the impacts of SF’s political malfeasance and yet evince absolutely no knowledge of or understanding of the relevant policies or politics. And will interview scores of people, none of whom seem to understand anything about the great, yawning distance between how government is supposed to work and how the city of SF is run. 

SF sucks because our city government is both incompetent and beholden to politically powerful homeowners. That’s the story. San Francisco is home to the country’s most important economy and can’t get the shit and needles off its streets because our leaders have abdicated their responsibility and well-meaning leftists are letting them get away with it because either they live in the “nice” parts of town and don’t have to deal with it on the daily or they have been convinced that tech is somehow to blame. Because never in the history of humanity has a city ever rapidly increased its population without devolving into vast homeless encampments and Hepatitis A.

It’s honestly such a great con for the Supervisors. Homeowners and landlords are raking in money hand-over-fist on the backs of long-time residents getting pushed out to the suburbs and the Sups have people angry at tech workers. 

We have got to get organized. We have got to get engaged. We have got to fight back for a government with some semblance of accountability to someone besides rich homeowners. 

Join YIMBY Action. It’ll put you on the mailing list and at the paid level (worth it) give you access to the YIMBY Slack. In the Slack you can learn about how to contribute more specifically. We need everything from door knockers to coders. Then join United Dems. Also I might be setting up a Patreon or something to fund more angry rants. And hosting. If you have ideas for schwag/rewards, please lmk in the comments or email me or DM me or whatever.

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