Is monogamy a thing of the past?

Hello lovelies. Things have been good here. Busy as hell. Mostly just working so much and spending a lot of time with someone I really enjoy.

I also appeared on a podcast recently. I talked to Yue and Julie for a recent Dateable podcast episode titled Is Monogamy a Thing of the Past? (Listen to more of my podcast interviews here.)

Episode description:

Listen as we talk to Cathy about her journey from saving herself for marriage to having multiple partners – at once. We discuss why it’s so difficult to break out of heteronormative traditions, how monogamy doesn’t have to be so binary, and defining your own rules.

It was a good conversation. Surprisingly funny.

Speaking of hilarious, brilliant, beautiful women on podcasts, are you listening to Dolly Parton’s America? I realize I’m late to the party on this one but damn. Fuuuuuck. That’s a great podcast. This morning as I walked to work listening to whatever episode I’m on where the host and historians talk about how prolific and ambitious and hardworking she was from the beginning. How much she’d write songs constantly, on napkins and receipts, and how great the songs were. She had four number-one hits in one year. And how underestimated she was every step of the way. I started to cry.

Speaking of writing, in the Dateable podcast I pimp my What the Fuck is Wrong with San Francisco series and if you want to check it out, here are parts onetwothreefour, and five.

While you’re consuming media that you know is going to make you mad, watch the Meek Mill documentary on Amazon Prime. It’s not the best doc ever made. And honestly I don’t find Meek particularly likable. But come for the absolutely jaw-dropping revelations about judicial misconduct. And stay for the interview with former officers about police corruption. Thanks Luke Mroz for the awesome recommendation.

Lastly, I’m so flattered to be giving a lecture at the Red Victorian at some point in 2020. Probably on What the Fuck is Wrong with San Francisco, but almost certainly on land use. If you have ideas for things to focus on/include, lmk in the comments or email me.


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